• General Contracting:

    • Design/Build: We specialize in turn-key projects, or turn the key and the project is finished.  Our clients offer us a plan and we help them design and create their ideas.

    • Value Engineering: We offer high-quality and highly trained, licensed professionals with invaluable experience that you won’t find anywhere else!

    • Project Evaluation: We will keep our clients current and updated on the projects progress throughout the design and building process!

    • Pre-construction/Construction services:  We work with our clients from start to finish on the project, offering valued engineering on a daily basis.

    • Site evaluation:  We are on site and constantly evaluating the progress of each project, trying to find the most cost-effective and time-efficient ways to complete each project on time and on budget!

  • Construction Management: Already have a project underway and are just looking for a project manager to assist and oversee in a timely completion?  We offer project management services to make sure the job is done right the first time!

  • Value Engineering: There is no substitute for quality! AML and our employees take pride in the value engineering, knowledge and experience that flows through our company.  With over 50 years in the industry, you will not find a more reliable and dedicated company around that can offer the services that we offer.  We stand behind our work and our experience stands behind us!

  • Tilt-Up: This is a cost-effective building concept of casting concrete walls on the building slab and “tilting” them into place until the remaining requirements of the structure (i.e. roofing, columns, walls, and other structural supports) have been completed.  We are pioneers in the tilt-up industry in the Southern Indiana and Kentucky areas and our experience speaks for itself.

The Tilt Up Process

tiltup_01 – Building pad is prepared
– Foundations for the interior steel columns and the perimeter tilt-wall panels are installed
tiltup_02 – Floor slab is formed up and poured
– Tilt panels are formed on the floor slab and poured outside face down against the slab
 tiltup_03  – Braces are attached once panels have cured
– Panels are lifted into place
tiltup_04 – The erection process continues until all of the panels have been erected and braced to the floor
– Process may take several days depending on the size of the building.
tiltup_05 – Steel structure is tied into the panels once a section of the tilt wall has been placed and plumbed
– Panel bracing is removed when the steel structure is adequately tied in and braced
tiltup_06 – Erection of the interior portion of the steel structure is often begun prior to the completion of the setting of the panels for larger buildings, reducing the time to close in the building
tiltup_07 – Outside face of the tilt-wall panels, which were cast face down, are cleaned and touched up in preparation for painting and other finishing applications
tiltup_08 – Application of finishing touches such as painting, trim, windows, doors, canopies, landscaping and sidewalks are completed

Why Choose AML INC.?

AMLinc. fosters a company philosophy which empowers our staff! We have always hired the most skilled employees and invested in cutting edge equipment and technology.  We are a well-rounded company with an expert team that is equipped to achieve the highest standard of excellence.  Our company motto is “Large enough to serve you, small enough to know you.”  Our tools for success include:

  • Experienced and professional staff from consultation to completion

  • Customized, personalized approach to customer needs and goals

  • Identification of suitable building sites with appropriate infrastructure, including access to extensive network of immediately available commercially zoned properties

  • Support in finding incentive sources within City, County and State Governments

  • Precise visual information regardless of size and scope

  • Conceptual estimates to detailed estimates

  • Management of contract specifications and requirements

  • Coordination, scheduling and monitoring of all phases of construction

  • Proactive problem recognition with successful remedies

  • Constant and ceaseless attention to cost control

  • Timely progress reports complete with details and photographs

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